Door Bolting Series

Does your dog bolt out the door?

Is this your dog?

Is this your dog?

Door bolting is a major problem for many people.  It is dangerous for our dogs and terrifying for us.  I am sharing a protocol that I have used with my dogs to teach them that my door is invisible boundary. They understand that it may not be passed unless they are given permission.

I want you to be able to keep your dogs safe too, which is why I created this series for you.  Follow the link below to find the 4 parts of the series. Make sure to watch them in order and then practice the steps.  Master the steps and then proceed to the next video.

Being consistent and taking your time to make sure that your dog understands what they are doing will only benefit you.  Don’t worry about trying to get them to learn it to quickly.  Go at your dogs pace and take your time.  Oh and have fun!

Watch the videos below in order and start working today.  In as little as a few weeks you can have a dog who respects your doorway as being an invisible boundary that isn’t to be passed through without permission.

Part I

Video not playing? Click here.

Part II

Video not playing? Click here.




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