Essential Oils


I was introduced to essential oils for my own personal use and became completely addicted!

Knowing how beneficial aromatherapy can be I figured it couldn’t hurt if I wore some of my favorites while I was working with my clients. Their reactions were always the same!

They would all say, “He/She doesn’t act this way when your not here!” or “They’re showing off for you!”

I don’t know about you but I want to make sure that my pups are getting only the best.  I tend to live my life from a holistic approach so of course I would want to do this for my dogs too. One way that I am trying to accomplish this is by looking for more natural solutions to common problems that come up.

Lavender oil can be used as a antispetic, it is great for hotspots, cuts and is one of my favorites. Along with blends like Peace and Calming (also a favorite of mine!) and Trauma Life, it helps with anxiety. Others when mixed together can be used to repel fleas and ticks.

They will be a great addition to your toolbox!

Different ways you can use them:

  • As Insect Repellent
  • Apply them directly to the body on pressure points to help with insomnia or anxiety to name a few.
  • Diffuse them in you environment.
  • Apply them to a wound, such as a cut or a burn.
  • Apply them to your hands and smelling them (Aromatherapy)


MUST HAVE oils to keep in your pet first aid kit:

  • Animal Scents Oinment – to seal and disenfect open wounds.
  • Exocus II – for infection, inflamattion; to promote tissue regeneration.
  • Helichrysum – as a topical anesthetic.
  • Idaho Tansy (Great for horses.) – is one of the most versatile oils for animals. It is purifying, cleansing, tissue regenerating, anti-flammatory, and anesthetic, and is used for bruised bones, cuts wounds, and colic. It repels flies.
  • Laurel – for bruising and soreness.
  • Lavender (One of my FAVORITES) – for tissue regeneration, desensitizing wound.
  • Melrose – for disenfecting and cleaning wounds
  • Ortho Ease – to dilute essential oils and act as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.
  • PanAway – If the pain originates from a broken bone rather than an open wound, use PanAway to kill pain in points where there is no open, raw tissue.
    NOTE: DO NOT APPLY PanAway to open wounds because it will sting and traumatize the animal. Instead use Helichrysum and balsam fir to reduce bleeding and pain.
  • Purification -is more effective than using iodine or hydrogen peroxide for washing and cleansing wounds. It repels ticks and mites.
  • Roman chamomile – for tissue regeneration, desensitizing wound.
  • Theives -for inflammation, infection and bacteria; for proud flesh (where new tissue continues to rebuild itself causing excessive granulation) to promote tissue regeneration.
  • Valerian – can be used internally and externally for controlling pain.
  • Vetiver – can be used internally and externally for controlling pain.
  • Animal Scents Ointment – to seal and disinfect open wounds.
  • Di-Gize – has been shown to eliminate internal parasites when applied to the paws of feet daily.
  • Clove – can be used to combat ear infections. It is known for its anti-infectious, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its anti-infectious properties include: anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

**Obtained from Essential Oils Desk Reference