Group Classes

Luna and BellaWe took Jenna’s Puppy Kindergarten with our two puppies and it was fantastic! The fact that we have two very different breeds of dog (a Pug and a Viszla) and both learned important behaviors by the end of the course is a testament to Jenna’s training…I think the humans learned as much if not more than our dogs did! ~ Kristin, Joe, Bella & Luna

Currently I am teaching group classes at Kellar’s Canine Academy in Saddle Brook, NJ.

Mishka and Sasha

Mishka and Sasha showing off their manners!

Group classes are great for getting your dog to pay attention to you with multiple distractions but they are not always for all dogs. Some dogs are high anxiety or very fearful and may shut down if they feel to much pressure or become overly stimulated.

On the flip side, group classes can help to build confidence in dogs of this nature too. As long as you set your expectations to not expect Lassie once class is finished.

If you feel that this is your dog please talk to Jenna before you register.