I am sorry to say that Mattie passed away on March 31, 2013.  I was terribly broken hearted to lose him.  After our bumpy start he became a very dear soul to me and I will miss him terribly.

If not for him I wouldn’t be training today. What a special boy he was and oh so handsome!

Mattie and my story was almost over before it began. When I adopted him I wasn’t a dog trainer but an owner who had trained a dog. He was really a handful and I seriously considered returning him to the rescue I had adopted him from.

A few months later my dog Sydney got very sick and died, I was left with one dog and no excuses. I was determined to make it work. That was back in 2003 and my life has changed drastically since then.

Meet Mattie!
All photos taken by Matt Fricovsky Photography
Posing Is Hard Work!

Mattie Taking A Break. Posing Is Hard Work!

Me & Mattie

How far our relationship had come.

Amazing for the boy who didn't want to be touched.

Amazing for the dog who didn’t want to be touched.

This photo captures so eloquently the true essence of Mattie!

The true essence of Mattie! He was ALWAYS on the move.