Doggie Doula

What people are saying…

“When I brought home my puppy Charley in 2010, I was paralyzed with anxiety about taking care of him. Would I traumatize him? Scar him for life? Would I make some freak error and somehow do something bad for his health? But every time I spoke to Jenna, not only did she offer me invaluable advice for my pup, but she helped me be a better owner and a better mama to the sweetest little pup alive. I’m happy to say that both mama and baby have gotten past mama’s fears and it’s largely thanks to Jenna’s invaluable support.”
~Anjali and Charley
“Jenna helped so much with not only training my dog but also with deciding which breed to get. I wanted a small dog with a relaxed, friendly temperament that was good with children. I was thinking about a Lhasa Apso but she recommended a Shih-tzu as they are more sociable. She was so right! Karl is the kindest, most loving dog on the planet and he is great with other dogs, children and people. I live in NYC so was unable to access Jenna in person but she gave me so much invaluable training advice over the phone that really shaped Karl’s behavior, Her very simple mantra of “reward what you want, ignore what you don’t” truly works! Anyone who meets Karl comments on how sweet and well behaved he is and that is a testament to Jenna.”
~Amy, Peter, Karl


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