Jennifer, John, Daisy & Silver

Daisy and SilverWhen our Pitbull Buster died, not only did our house feel empty, our Schnoodle Daisy, was also very lonely.  Animal lovers that we are, my husband and I decided to get another dog.  After months of research, we decided on an Australian Shepherd.  Silver arrived at her new home in August of 2011, and boy were we in for it!

Silver was not your average pup, more like the Energizer Bunny!  She was constantly jumping on people and countertops!  She craved attention, destroyed just about everything, and would not stop trying to play with her new sister Daisy, who was not as thrilled (as we hoped) to have another dog in the house.

Months went by and things seemed to get worse.  My husband and I were very frustrated and didn’t know how to deal with it; I mean this was supposed to be an intelligent dog!  Something needed to be done and soon!

We met Jenna at a Pet Expo and within minutes of speaking with her, we knew she was just what our family needed!

My husband and I first scheduled 8 sessions with Jenna.  She came to our house and not only worked with our dogs, but she taught us too!  We couldn’t believe how well both dogs responded after the first session! Each session had a new focus; Jenna provided us with positive training, as well as logical explanations of procedures.   Jenna showed us how to use positive reinforcement to capture the behaviors we wanted.

She taught us not to scold the bad behavior, but to focus and reward the good behavior.  Jenna taught us how to direct the energy of our VERY hyper dog.

After our 8 week in house training sessions (and so much progress), we decided to take it to the streets!  We worked with Jenna for another 6 weeks on outside manners/behaviors.  We had our sessions on busy streets, parks, and trails (on and off the leash!!).  Jenna made us aware of all the distractions dogs have (especially outside) and taught us how to focus their attention; she gave us the knowledge to be more aware and how to respond to just about every situation.  Silver and Daisy learned how “walk” together outside instead of dragging us down the street!   Jenna taught us a new way of thinking and gave us personalized service all the way.

Jenna is very professional, kind, and fun to work with!  She was prompt and always available to respond to our questions/issues outside of our training sessions.  As a result, Daisy and Silver are inseparable and we now have a calm, happy household!  We highly recommend All Star Paws for your furry friends!


Jennifer, John, Daisy & Silver


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