Michele, Eric & Maddie

Maddie & Her Peep
Our family invited Jenna in to help with our yellow lab, Maddie. Maddie had been attacked and bitten by another dog while she was walking on a leash; she was only 5 months old. This experience changed her personality. Labs are friendly, loving and easy going. We had owned one in the past. After this experience, Maddie became very fearful of people and other animals while being walked outside on a leash. She scares easily, especially if she feels something or someone is behind her. Maddie would “put on a show” as we called it, when walked outside.

When we encountered other dogs and people she would bark and pull on the leash to get to the other dog or person. The result was a show that people perceived as threatening. It was very disappointing for us, as we really enjoyed walking our previous dog, and were hoping to continue that tradition with our new pet.

So we got a reference for Jenna from our boarding place. Jenna met with us over several months and she was wonderful with Maddie. We jokingly referred to her as the dog whisperer. She really connected with Maddie and us. We learned so many things about our body language, dog language, and trying to help Maddie with her fears of leash walking. It took a long time to help Maddie with her fears, but with Jenna’s guidance we stuck it out.

Today, Maddie is a much more enjoyable dog to walk with outside in the neighborhood. She still faces challenges on the leash, but, unfortunately, always will. However, we learned how to scale her reactions down so that she can be walked outside and not show so much fear. Jenna helped us and more importantly helped Maddie have more fun with other dogs and people. We were very happy with her help and would highly recommend having her come to you to help with any behavior problems your pet may have.

Michele, Eric & Maddie


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