Let Jenna train your dog for you!

Want your dog trained but don’t have the time to put into it?

Then Jenna’s Training-By-The-Trainer program is for you!

The focus of Jenna’s Training-By-The-Trainer program is to teach your pup manners, the basic obedience commands and a reliable recall.

She will also tailor the training to any specific needs you may have.

After working with your pup she will show you what she did and how to maintain it.

This program works best when she works with your dog everyday or, at the absolute minimum, 4 times a week (especially in the beginning when your pup is learning) anything less and you won’t get the benefits of the program.

Once the behaviors are fully learned, Jenna will be provide you with written instructions, along with a brief training session, on how to maintain everything that she is teaching your pup.

If you’d prefer not to do the maintenance work Jenna can arrange to continue on with a maintenance program that will keep your pup fine tuned so that you can just enjoy the benefits of having a trained dog.

The fee for this program varies depending on how much time you would like.

**If you choose not to use the maintenance program you will need to be committed to maintaining what Jenna has taught your pup, otherwise the training will not stick.

Contact us to get started today!