What people are saying…

“I called Jenna in a panic. My dog Gracie had sporadically begun to react aggressively towards other dogs, and had no attention span whatsoever! Jenna observed Gracie, and through her findings was able to work with and create a unique training plan that would make us a better team. After a few training sessions, Gracie and I now understand what we are supposed to do when another dog is approaching. Her aggression has dissipated and she even has made her debut back into the dog park! I’m so glad that I worked with Jenna and that with her guidance I was able to have a happy puppy again”
~Lauren & Gracie


“OUCH!! STOP!!! SIT!! Were all words being yelled at our puppy Godiva when we first got her. Godiva is our rescue puppy. She is a boxer pit bull mix. When we got her she was very hard to manage and had a lot of energy. Godiva also loved to chew shoes and us! We called Jenna in a time of desperation and she came to our rescue. Jenna helped us gain control of our crazy puppy, by showing us how to deal with her and giving us the tools to do so. Thank you Jenna!”
~The Pascucci Family


Mishka and Sasha“Just like children, we bring dogs into our lives out of love. The problem is neither one comes with an instruction manual. A Pediatrician and A Vet give some advice on how to keep them healthy. Dr. Spock and trainers, like Jenna, give us the tools and techniques to teach, with love, the everyday ins and outs of life. I have (two) Siberian Husky puppies, Sasha, 7 months and Mishka, 8 months. I love them dearly but WOW are they a handful! With the help of a great veterinarian and trainer I am able to enjoy these two magnificent animals in my life. If it wasn’t for the ever patient dilagence of our trainer (Jenna) there would be no way I could have kept these dogs! Thank you!!”
~Diane, Mishka and Sasha


Franciso & WallE“I was extremely lucky and fortunate to be placed with Animal Behavior College Mentor & Certified Dog Trainer JennaLee during my externship. Being an avid dog lover, I had worked with many dog trainers in the tri-state area, but none were as knowledgeable, caring, and patient as JennaLee. JennaLee makes a genuine and supreme effort to get to know each dog & owner. JennaLee is extraordinarily talented has a sharp eye for determining the causes of problem behaviors and teaching ways to extinguish them. Jenna’s training methods of positive reinforcement, reward-based methods, and clicker training have been instrumental in my training plan with WALL-E. WALL-E is a high energy and somewhat neurotic Shetland Sheepdog at times, but Jenna’s methods have helped him transform to be the best dog. Her customized and specifically tailored training classes are fun as well. I strongly recommend JennaLee and her training methods to ALL dog lovers! “
~Francisco & WALL-E (ABC Mentor Student)


Maddie & Her Peep“Our family invited Jenna in to help with our yellow lab, Maddie. Maddie had been attacked and bitten by another dog while she was walking on a leash; she was only 5 months old. This experience changed her personality. Labs are friendly, loving and easy going. We had owned one in the past. After this experience, Maddie became very fearful of people and other animals while being walked outside on a leash. She scares easily, especially if she feels something or someone is behind her. Maddie would “put on a show” as we called it, when walked outside. When we encountered other dogs and people she would bark and pull on the leash to get to the other dog or person. The result was a show that people perceived as threatening. It was very disappointing for us, as we really enjoyed walking our previous dog, and were hoping to continue that tradition with our new pet.So we got a reference for Jenna from our boarding place. Jenna met with us over several months and she was wonderful with Maddie. We jokingly referred to her as the dog whisperer. She really connected with Maddie and us. We learned so many things about our body language, dog language, and trying to help Maddie with her fears of leash walking. It took a long time to help Maddie with her fears, but with Jenna’s guidance we stuck it out.Today, Maddie is a much more enjoyable dog to walk with outside in the neighborhood. She still faces challenges on the leash, but, unfortunately, always will. However, we learned how to scale her reactions down so that she can be walked outside and not show so much fear. Jenna helped us and more importantly helped Maddie have more fun with other dogs and people. We were very happy with her help and would highly recommend having her come to you to help with any behavior problems your pet may have.
~Michele, Eric & Maddie


“Jenna is.. “very calm and confident..also very understanding and friendly!”
~Monica & Rocky


Luna and Bella“We took Jenna’s Puppy Kindergarten with our two puppies and it was fantastic! The fact that we have two very different breeds of dog (a Pug and a Viszla) and both learned important behaviors by the end of the course is a testament to Jenna’s training. It is all based on positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency. These three elements helped our pups learn well in a safe and calm environment while also helping us as new dog owners maintain a positive learning environment as well. I think the humans learned as much if not more than our dogs did!”
~Kristin, Joe, Bella & Luna


“We were lucky enough to work with Jenna for several years here at The Barker Lounge. She conducted all of the basic obedience classes for our clients for our first few years in business. Jenna has an incredibly gentle and loving way with the dogs that was always well received by our customers and the dogs. She uses all positive methods of training and is very effective in her approach. There are few people I know who are as warm, loving, and positive about not only dogs, but of life in general! Jenna was an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their pooch!”
~Jason, The Barker Lounge


“My dog, Nina, is a “shelter dog”. She’s a black lab mix and is just about 2 yrs old. Nina is a HIGH ENERGY/High MAINTENANCE type typical lab. She’s a jumper, a chewer and a big time kisser! I’ve tried several other training classes….choker collar, voice command, but Jenna’s class has truly worked out the best. We got individual attention, very quickly Jenna learned Nina’s personality. Classes were easy and fun..and so was the “homework”, now we’ll be ready for the next level…manners!”
~Rosann and Nina


“I would recommend Jenna and her training methods to anyone. My own small dog was nervous and shy when we began taking classes with Jenna, but the gentle methods and reward system that Jenna advocates were perfect to bring her out of her shell and give her confidence. After Basic Obedience and Manners, she’s a different dog.”
~Jackie and Christina


“Our puppy Kayla was afraid to go near other dogs before Puppy Kindergarten and was as mischievous as any puppy before Basic Obedience – but both classes helped turn her into a well-mannered, well-behaved young lady! We are always complimented on how well Kayla behaves and interacts with other dogs and we know her classes at All Star Paws are a huge reason why.”
~Tom and Kayla


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